Positivity and Happiness

By: Juanica Ramos – New Orleans, Louisiana. 9/23/20
No matter what you’re going through, no matter how you’re feeling today or tomorrow, no matter what you have to do, you should always remember to stay positive and happy. 
When you stay positive and happy, you can never go wrong. Keeping yourself in a calm and collected headspace is key to having a successful life. When things don’t necessarily go your way in a certain situation, don’t get discouraged just find another way to make it happen. Don’t stress yourself out on something you can’t control. If you think negatively, it can most likely make your day worse and then you won’t be in a happy or positive state of mind. Have you ever written a paper that was weeks ahead of its due date? It’s such an amazing feeling. If you complete a classwork or homework assignment on time, it is the best feeling ever. Getting everything done on time results in no stress, no complications, and no excuses. It is a real weight lifted off your shoulders and it motivates you to do more. Staying positive and happy even through tough times really shows a person’s character. 
Just as a side note, there’s nothing wrong with a little self love. Loving yourself does not automatically make you think that you are better than everyone else, it just means that you appreciate yourself and you take the time to realize that. Stay positive and stay happy.