First Day was OK!

Alexis Esteves 
On Tuesday, October 13, 2020, was my first day of being in Warren Easton’s school building since March 13th. Due to there being a virus going around, we were prohibited from being in there for 6 1/2 months straight. 
The first day of in-person school was ok for the most part. As soon as we approached the school building there were staff members standing outside in order to let us know where our classes were. We were asked our last names so they could tell us who our homeroom teachers are and where they were. When we finally got inside, we had to sanitize our hands and stand in front of a machine that checked our temperature. Once that was clear we headed to our homeroom class. We were in our homeroom class for a while and before we left to go to our first period, the morning announcements came on. 
Throughout the day we followed strict protocols that told us to keep our masks on, walk on the right side of the hallway with tape that corresponded with where you should walk, and that we would be escorted to the bathroom. The classes were pretty boring considering not many people came to school, but it was refreshing to see people that I haven’t seen in a long time. In addition, we had study hall as our last class of the day and that was new because we never had that before.
All in all, the first day back at school was normal. There was nothing special to it and it felt different than any other first day. I just wish we would have gotten out at 2:15 like on a virtual day instead of 3:15 at actual school.

Back In Action !

By Amari Brown,October 14, 2020 (New Orleans, La)

On October 13, the Junior and Senior Warren Easton students were welcomed back to school with open arms. I, Amari Brown, was part of that student body and I am here sharing my piece of experience with others! In the beginning of the school day, it felt a bit awkward from having to switch classes to still having to use zoom while in the classrooms. As the school day went on , I started to get the swing of everything and understood a lot of the procedures we had to follow. I also had to consider that our staff is doing the best they can to help us navigate into our school routine a little more safely. Overall, the school day did not go so terribly. These are some dark times, but there is always light at the end of the tunnel !

My Last First day of Highschool

        By: Danielle Griffith
   My official last first day of high school was NOT like what I expected. I thought I
would come to school, feeling and looking cute with my friends, taking pictures
and enjoying my last first day. I thought I would have a normal school year, and enjoy my last year of high school. Obviously that did not happen at all, my day was the total opposite.
   I got on the bus and was confused, because there was only me and another
person on the bus. Then when I got to school, I had to stand outside as my  temperature was checked and I was sent straight to homeroom, which was empty. Slowly, people began to arrive but there weren’t that many people. Then I
went to my 1st period, which was the same as sitting at home, on a Zoom call with my teacher and doing online work on my laptop I had to bring from home. Second period wasn’t any better, because I had to sit in the uncomfortable gym
and do more work  until 3rd period. That classroom was cold and freezing, and my computer had to charge the whole time, literally. I thought to myself, this couldn’t get any weirder, right? Until they had to walk around to bring us lunch, and we had to eat in our classrooms and literally have a lunch break in 3rd period. The one class that I did enjoy was 4th period, which went like a regular class day, minus the social distancing and the “I been smelling my own breath all day” face masks.
   The one thing that  I did not like was having to stay an extra hour after our supposed to be out of school time. The bus ride home wasn’t enjoyable either. Although, I didn’t exactly enjoy my first day, I could say that the things the school did to keep us safe did work out, even though it was a bit more complicated than expected. I just hope that my senior year can work out and that I will still be able to enjoy it even if it isn’t exactly like what I dreamed for it to be.

First Day Back to School Since Coronavirus Outbreak

By: Amber Saverin

      Yesterday was the first time I went to school since March 13 2020. It was
nice to be out of the house no matter if I just went to school. It felt weird
being back in the building and even wearing the uniforms.  Since the
Coronavirus pandemic forced schools across the country to do virtual
learning, it has been a struggle to do virtual school so I’m glad I can go
back to the building. In-person classes pose safety concerns, given the
expectation that children will wear masks and stay six-feet apart throughout
the whole school day.
The only thing I don’t like about going to school is waking up at 5 in the
morning; when I did virtual I woke up at 7.  The only thing I fear about going
back to school is catching Coronavirus. I think there is a rule if a kid at
school is positive for Corona the administrators will begin an emergency
protocol, isolating the student and ordering everyone who had come into
close contact with the person, including other students, to quarantine for 14
days before the student infect more people.

My Virtual  Learning Experience

By: Juanica Ramos – New Orleans, Louisiana – October 14, 2020

October 12, 2020 was the first day of the new in school and virtual learning. As you know,
people have the option to remain learning virtually or they can be hybrid. Hybrid is where you do
in school learning as well as virtual learning so basically one day you are in school and the next
day you are virtual. In school learning is way different from virtual learning, but here is my
experience with virtual learning.
I woke up at my normal time ready to go to the first period as usual. When I got to my first
period my teacher said that I had to report to my homeroom teacher to be logged in for the day
which was really weird to me because I didn’t know who my homeroom teacher was. Eventually,
I finally got their information and reported to the classroom virtually but they never even started
the meeting so the entire time I was very confused. When it was time to go to the first period it
was as it usually is nothing really changed much it felt the same. When I went to my second
period it was the same as my first period as well, nothing really changed. When I went to my 3rd
period it was kinda weird because only me and someone else were virtual and the rest of the
class was in the building so it was kinda weird interacting with the teacher but the work was still
the same. My last class of the day was the most that changed in my entire experience. My
teacher wanted the people who were virtual to be projected onto the screen for everyone to see
which was pretty awkward. Other than that the work was the same and the teaching was the
same. All around i’d say my virtual learning experience was okay. It was nothing that I struggled
with, everything was pretty much the same and I feel like I can continue to do my work virtually
as is.

By: Kacey Thornton

October 13th my last first day of high school was horrible. This was the first time I had school the way I did. I couldn’t really see other students, some of my teachers weren’t there, we still had to join zoom while in  school. It was really pointless. I chose hybrid learning because I needed more hands on help with my work. I feel like I’m teaching myself and this is my last year of school. My last year to catch up on everything I’ve missed or didn’t pass the years before. I feel like if I don’t push myself and try my best to get help from anyone I can, I will fail and not graduate on time. Graduating is the most important thing to me right now and neither vertical nor hybrid school is helping me get there. 
As far as the safety part, I feel safe at school. Everyone in the building has to wear a mask. If you don’t have one, one will be given to you by the school although everyone should have at least one because the school provided two. Their mask cameras all around the school to make sure everyone’s mask is up appropriately above the nose. Also there are hand sanitizer stands on every hall. We all walk six feet apart while transitioning to our next class. we don’t have lunches how we use to. For lunch we stay in  our 3rd period class and they bring us lunch if we want it or not.