Girl, You Totally Got This!

Danielle Griffith, Amari Brown      Mini Strip Artwork by Jazmyn Baskin
September 10, 2020
“High School IS NOT like the movies at all, especially High School Musical.” Welcoming our incoming sisters from the Class of 2024, we have some advice in store for you. We always assumed that high school was just like the movies; you’d go against the mean girl, win the boy of your dreams, and create a successful high school career. Let’s just say high school is nowhere near that fairy tale.
Welcome, incoming freshmen girls of 2024 to Warren Easton Charter High School, where you will be spending the next 4 years growing, learning and figuring out who you are. As seniors, nobody told us what high school would be like, which led us to having to figure out our high school career. However, we will be giving you girls the advice we wished would have been given to us by our own seniors.
To start off, make wise choices ladies! Don’t give into pressure to try anything that is completely out of your comfort zone; there is no rush to grow up so soon. This is just the beginning!

Girl, You Got This!

Mini Strip Artwork by Jazmyn Baskin