Better Grab Your Dumbrella!

By Ronald Refuge, New Orleans, LA  9/9/20
Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered Coronavirus.
“Why did someone have to invent this invincible disease?” said Darnell Beard. The virus … READ MORE

Don’t Take Louisiana High School Football

By Khalil Mansion   August 27, 2020
Do not take Louisiana football away from Louisiana athletes. This is deeper than a game. This is family; life. This is all some kids may have. Football moves everybody, but the players are playing for more than just a win. Instead of taking away football due to COVID-19, we should offer alternatives. Football is a safe haven for a lot of Louisiana students. If you take football away, then what would be other options for them to do outside of school? Some kids need structure and football gives them that. A lot has changed in the past couple of months. Things are getting better with COVID. It’s still not how it is supposed to be but it’s getting better. We shouldn’t take away football from the players. Just look how happy players are when they win.
If we aren’t going to be able to have a traditional football  season, there can be a lot of changes made as to how the season could be structured differently. We can have games with no fans in the stands like the NBA. I have an idea that between all schools we should be able to play football even if it isn’t in helmets and pads. If we can’t give them a season, give kids a 7 on 7 so that they can still enjoy the sport they love. Make it a tournament so they can have a prize. This goes for all sports. This is all a lot of kids have; so please don’t take it.  We deserve to have sports!

I Hate Virtual Learning

 by Kacey Thornton,
Aug. 29, 2020
The Coronavirus pandemic became a huge worldwide outbreak and changed everyone’s life. When the virus was first announced, all schools were let out and everyone worldwide was given a stay home order to quarantine for a month. One month became five months and now that school has begun, we are returning to school but it is online schooling, which is a form of virtual learning. 
“In-school learning is not happening until after Labor Day; this was a difficult, yet not so difficult, decision”. -Mayor Latoya Cantrell.
I attend Warren Easton Charter High School as a senior. I have a few reasons why I hate virtual learning. I dislike the zoom classes for a few reasons. I’m always late because I over-sleep. There is no hands-on learning which is my preferred method of learning. Lastly, there are internet issues that make it difficult to connect online.  
This is my senior year and I’m scared. I dislike the zoom calls because I feel like we’re at home and it just doesn’t feel like school. Sometimes I’m so comfortable I close the laptop and go to sleep. Being late is a serious issue for me because when I’m asleep and I know I don’t have to physically get up and go somewhere, I procrastinate on getting up for virtual school.
Lately I’ve been waking up on time forcefully because I tell myself “you have to do what you have to do to graduate” and being on time is a part of reaching my goal to graduate. Even though it is hard for me because I’m much more of a hands-on learner, I can learn virtually – but just not in a large group.  I’d rather be learning in school because it wouldn’t be so hard for me to catch on to things. For me, virtually learning is hard over-all. I would rather be in school at least 2 or 3 days out of the week to get hands on learning. I’m scared I won’t graduate because of how hard this is for me. But I will continue to strive towards the completion of the path I’m on now.