By: Amariyah Donatto  August 29,2020
(New Orleans, LA) As you all know, the year 2020 has been crazy, but don’t let this epidemic bring you down from your future. As high school students, there are still opportunities that you all can have to gain excellent job experience. Also, as high school students, it is your responsibility to be involved in programs that benefit you to advance your education and to search for your colleges. Internships are critical to the career path of the youth. In 2020 graduating students still have an opportunity to apply for colleges and to get tested for the ACT. The day is coming up, seniors, it’s time to start planning. 


There are many internships that different businesses in New Orleans have to offer to the high school students. It is best to have a job experience to better prepare yourself for your future career. Some internships give payment, and some do not, but remember, this is just for the experience. Please visit to research the best placements. There are many different job topics to choose. 

College Applications, ACT, and Scholarships 

Attention! Class of 2021, senior year in high school is the year for you to show everyone your best. Your time is up; hopefully, your years of high school were the best times. Every day you’re in school, whether it is virtual or in-person, it’s your last day of high school. Your adulthood is starting now. It’s time to start searching for the colleges of your choice. College applications are open, so BE ON THE LOOKOUT for the openings and deadlines for these applications. Also, seniors make sure you apply for ACT testing and scholarships. Research is key! To make college surfing easier, please visit www.common, to start applying for colleges. If you would like to keep practicing for the ACT, you can order an ACT practice book (The Official Act Prep Guide: From the Maker of the Act), or you can practice online at Scholarships are essential when going to college, and sometimes it is difficult to find some. Below you will find a list of the top 5 scholarship websites that will give you the best experience to find scholarships. 
Your future in your hands, 3019, high school is just a finger snap away. The year goes by very quickly. Seek every opportunity and take advantage of everything that hits you. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or ask for guidance. Enjoy the rest of 2020, and hopefully, by 2021, life will restore itself, and everything will be back to normal. Have a great semester!