TikTok Tuesday

By: Alexis Esteves   9/3/20
 On Tuesday, September 8, 2020, Warren Easton is having “TikTok Tuesday” for students! 
As a result of Easton continuing its search for the best Tiktoks, students are asked to submit their video through the assignment link, on the stream tab, of their designated class. For example, freshmen will submit their videos to the “TikTok Tuesday for WETV (Hype Me Up Challenge)” assignment link under the “Class of 2023” tab on Google Classroom and so forth. This week’s challenge theme will be HYPE Me Up, so record a tiktok that best matches the theme for a chance to win! The challenge winner will be featured next Tuesday on September 8th on WETV News! These submissions are due by Friday, September 4, 2020.
Be sure that your submissions are APPROPRIATE enough to be shown on WETV. Make sure you are wearing some type of Warren Easton attire and following the dress code guidelines. The attire includes: Any Easton T-Shirt with jeans, while the mandatory guidelines are: No rips or cuts in those jeans, no shorts and no tights. If someone’s submission is deemed as inappropriate, that particular video WILL be sent to administration for DISCIPLINARY ACTION! Please remember to have fun in your video, while also keeping it appropriate. We wish everyone the best of luck!